Pregnant women with Covid-19 urged to stay away from hospitals

Expectant-mums with Covid-19 are being urged to stay away from hospital, unless they need urgent medical assistance.

The National Maternity Hospital has stressed that pregnant women are not a high-risk group, but must practice social distancing and self-isolate if they are presenting with symptoms of Covid-19.

“While pregnant women may pick up infections more easily than non pregnant women, the evidence to date is that these infections are not more likely to be severe when compared to the general population.”

Medical experts have found that expectant-mums are experiencing mild symptoms if they contract Covid-19 including a fever and cough, just like the majority of sufferers.

However, a small group of pregnant women may experience severe symptoms including lower oxygen levels or pneumonia, which will require support from a ventilator.

Antenatal and ultrasound appointments will be postponed until after 14-days of self isolation. Practicing good hand hygeine, social distancing and self-isolating is key to prevent the spread of Covid-19.