Pregnant Olivia Bowen shuts down shocking body shaming comments

Former Love Island star Olivia Bowen has shared a powerful message on the topic of body shaming while pregnant, after receiving quite a few unsolicited comments about her own pregnant figure.

“It’s actually shocking how suddenly a woman is pregnant and it’s then ok to comment on how big or small she is,” the 28-year-old reality star wrote on Instagram Stories, adding, “It’s SO weird.”

“I know majority of the time no malice is meant at all and it’s something that is just accepted I feel like it’s not really anyone’s fault, but when you actually think about it it’s so weird that all of a sudden because you’re pregnant your body is up for discussion and people telling you ‘omg look how big you got’ or ‘wow you’re too small surely?!’ is ok?”

“I think it really depends on you as a person if it affects you or offends you. We can be triggered by words about our bodies!” Olivia continued, before going on to talk about her own experience and struggles with body image.

“I think if you had/have issues with body dysmorphia or your body in general these comments can get to you regardless if they’re about your bump.”

“If you’ve struggled with your body image, hearing ‘wow you’re getting big/you’re so small’ will possibly trigger you.”

“Also, I know so many ladies that suffer with anxiety and health anxiety or even are just anxious about carrying their baby who would worry about being ‘too small’ or ‘too big’. It’s just about letting people around you know what you're personally comfortable with!”

“Like I’ve said before it’s all about communication & education & everyone is different! Some don’t mind, some do! We should all be open to learning & altering how to treat people in such a heightened time!”

Concluding this lengthy discussion, Olivia joked, “Opinions are like aresholes, everyone has one but we don’t need to hear them.”

Moral of the story: if in doubt, maybe don’t comment on a pregnant woman’s body (or anyone’s body for that matter!).