Powerful detox teas to undo the Easter egg overload

If you overindulged as much as we did on chocolate over Easter, this guide to the best every day detox teas can’t come quick enough!

Burdock Root Tea
Burdock is a little-known herb that has a lot of detoxifying benefits. It can has been shown to strengthen the immune system as well, and has been known to help purify the blood.

Cayenne Pepper Tea
The healing properties of cayenne pepper are just starting to create a buzz. Most find that drinking it with a slice of lemon cuts down on some of the spicy taste.

Chicory Tea
Not only can this help you detox the body, it’s also been shown to help rev up your metabolism, so you’re getting at least two major benefits from drinking this.

Dandelion Tea
Dandelion raises levels of an enzyme in the body known for its detoxifying functions. These have been known to help the body get rid of carcinogens, or cancer-causing toxins in the body.

Garlic Tea
OK, so you have to get past the pong to benefit from this tea, but it’s well worth it if you do. This tea it is definitely going to work to help cleanse the body.

Milk Thistle Tea
The benefits to the liver make milk thistle tea worth drinking. The liver is the focal point of your organs, and when it isn’t operating at its best, there is a virtual domino effect on your other organs. So any detox plan you undergo should have the liver as the main organ worth treating.

Turmeric Tea
This tea can help kick-start your liver and gallbladder into creating more bile, which helps to break down toxins and flush them from the liver and out of the body.