‘Plus size’ model angers fans with retouch and make up free selfie

Robyn Lawley really needs to stop making fans angry by posting selfies to Instagram. Did she not learn after the backlash she received when she posted this post work out shot?

In her latest selfie she decided to pose in a bikini from her swimwear collection, captioning the shot: “New sexier cuts coming to #robynlawleyswimwear that still offer the same support #retouchandmakeupfree #ineedatan”

Praise for the model’s decision to share her un-photoshopped body was quickly overshadowed by the outrage from people who couldn’t get over that she was a plus size model, because she doesn’t look very plus size at all.

One person wrote: “Plus size?? Are you freakin kidding me??!! If this is plus size, then everyone I know is morbidly obese. Wow," one user wrote, while another said, "the fact that this is plus sized makes me sick. she is flipping gorgeous, long and lean!”

Another told her to get real: “"You are not plus sized. You are a regular sized individual. No more, no less. It is an insult to people with real weight issues that you title yourself with this. #getreal.”

We have to agree that Robyn doesn’t look very plus sized, but we suppose when the average model in the fashion industry is a size 6, anything bigger is categorised as plus size. Hopefully models like Robyn will be able to change this!