‘Please cancel plans’: Doctor pleads with the public to stay at home


People are still failing to practice physical distancing despite stern warnings from our government and health officials. As cases of Covid-19 increase and the worldwide death toll rises, people need to stay at home, so we can try to flatten the curve.

Dr Doireann O'Leary has urged the public to stay at home. She stressed the dangers of socialising during these intense times, "We are at war with a virus. Covid19 thrives on social interactions. Every time you meet someone you’re helping the virus win this war. Meeting a friend for coffee is letting it win. Catching up with friends at night is letting it win. Bringing your children on play dates is letting it win. When this virus wins people die. People you know and love.


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She continued: "We have one weapon to fight this virus and it’s stopping social interactions. So many of us have done all we can but unfortunately too many people are continuing to act dangerously and irresponsibly. These people are showing themselves to be incapable of acting for the greater good."

"Up to now we’ve been able to go out on walks as an escape during this challenging time but due to the actions of others I now worry we’re heading for further restrictions and lockdown.
The power to win this war lies not in hospitals or in doctors. There is only so much we can do. The power is with you to deal with this pandemic. When the virus wins people die. Doctors make life and death decisions everyday. And now you do too."

She pleaded: "Please cancel plans. It will save lives."