PINK to make Gigi wink? Zayn and Joe both go for a colourful dye job


Zayn Malik debuted bright pink hair over the weekend, but it's not the first time we've seen this colour on one of Gigi Hadid's men.

The model's ex-boyfriend Joe Jonas dyed his hair pink a week before Zayn did… and the styles look pretty similar – scratch that, VERY similar. 

Both men aren't shy to a dye job though, as both have had their hair blonde, grey and green at times. 

Joe dated Gigi for a little more than five months, and only a couple of weeks after they broke up, Zayn swiped up the Victoria's Secret model.

So, is this something Gigi is in to? Or did Zayn copy the former Jonas Brother's look?

Either way, they're both pretty rocking lads, and if Gigi doesn't have them, we sure will.