Perez Hilton stuns viewers after making comment about his father

It's fair to say that celebrity blogger Perez Hilton has definitely been one of the most controversial housemates Celebrity Big Brother has ever seen, and let's face it, he's had a lot of competition.

If he's not receiving serious warnings about his foul language, he's butting heads with fellow housemate Katie Hopkins, and it looks like the tension is really getting to the star.

Opening up about his experience in the house, the dad-of-one said that he 'regretted' his decision to take part in the long-running TV show.

Commenting on his relationship with the other housemates, Perez said: "Almost everyone in this house hates me."

If anyone thought the obvious tension in the house was like water off a duck's back to the controversial celeb, he revealed that he's actually been finding the experience far more difficult than people think.

 Admitting that he's struggling in the famous reality TV house, Perez said: "This has been more painful for me than even my father dying."

Hopefully Perez finds some positive in his experience.