People are seriously annoyed at Beyoncé right now


Whether it’s unleashing amazing music upon the world without warning, or standing quietly by while certain elevator dramas unfold around her (ahem!), Beyoncé is one of those artists who, it appears, can do no wrong.

However, Queen B’s fans are pretty upset this weekend, and it’s all down to her collaboration with Chris Brown.

It all kicked off on social media when Brown shared a remixed version of Beyoncé’s song Jealous, which failed to make it onto her Platinum Edition album.

“I did the jealous remix some months ago for the Beyoncé collaboration album but it was never used. Glad you guys get to hear it,” wrote Brown.

However, he didn’t get quite the response he was looking for, with many taking to Twitter to brand Beyoncé a hypocrite for promoting herself as a ‘feminist’, making reference to Brown’s domestic violence incident with ex-girlfriend Rihanna.

In one particularly damning comment, a Twitter user wrote: “Let me get this straight…Beyoncé (a claimed feminist) made a remix with a man who beat a woman…ok.”

Yikes, it looks like Bey’s fans may not let her forget this for some time.

As for the song itself, give it a listen below.