Our top three teasers for ‘Me Before You’ that are giving us MAJOR feels


We've been looking forward to Me Before You for a while now, and with the Irish premiere this Bank Holiday weekend (June 3), we've decided to binge watch the teaser trailers (they give us goose bumps!).

The anticipated flick is based on the novel by Jojo Moyes and follows Lou, who lives in a small town in the English countryside.

She's quirky and creative, and really just scoots by life, going from job to job to make a bit of money for her family. However, when she starts her latest job at the local castle, she had no idea what was in store for her.

Lou becomes a caregiver for a wealthy young banker, Will, who became wheelchair bound after he was in an accident two years ago.

The once cheery chap has turned cynical and repressive since his accident, and no longer has the adventurous soul he once had.

But, when Lou comes along things change – dramatically – for the both of them.

We just can't wait for the words of this book to come alive on the big screen. Here's our fave clips to get you excited for this weekend. Popcorn ready?