Our top five beauty products for under a tenner!


When payday seems like years away and your bank balance is painfully low, the last thing you want to hear is that you have to spend hundreds of euro to keep your skin and hair looking fab.

Well, the good news is – you don't!

There are so many cult classic beauty products on the market that have extremely low price points – here are five that'll still give you change out of a tenner!

1. Vaseline
The old favourite – a lip gloss, eyebrow tamer and dry patch fixer all in one. Is there anything this bad boy can't do? We're loving the vintage style packaging that was released recently, too!

2. Catrice Ultimate Colour Lipsticks
With it's unbelievably low prices and great quality products, Catrice is fast becoming a favourite in Ireland. We love their lipsticks and nail varnishes in particular – the Be Natural nude lipstick is pure perfection!

3. Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor
If your hair is in a state or you're missing that natural shine, bang some of this on in the shower for a few minutes, rinse out and behold… a great hair day!

4. Maybelline Great Lash Mascara
This has long been a cult favourite among beauty fans, and if you're looking for a cheap fix, it's definitely the one to go for.

5. Astral All Over Moisturiser
Yes, your nana AND your mam probably use this – they're on the right track! Astral is great for replenishing lost moisture in dry skin, and while it's a bit too thick for under make-up, it works WONDERS as a night cream for the face or as a body moisturiser on especially dry areas.