Our favourite ice popsicle recipes to beat the heat this summer!

With all this good weather seemingly hanging around for the week, we decided now was the time to share our favourite ice pop recipes! Make them at home yourself so you can enjoy them out on your patio without having to run down to the shop – beat the heat with a sweet treat!

Strawberry-Mango Dream

person holding Popsicle ice cream

2 peeled, chopped mangos

200g chopped strawberries

2 bananas

100ml plain yoghurt

80ml honey

Toss 1 chopped banana, chopped mango, 50ml plain yoghurt and 40ml honey into a blender and puree it so it’s totally smooth.

Getting your popsicle mold, half fill them with the mango puree.

Clean out your blender and repeat the recipe, this time using strawberry instead of mango.

Puree it to totally blend it and add it into the popsicle mold.

Freeze for 3-4 hours and then pop them out to enjoy!

Pina Colada Pop

woman in blue shirt holding yellow ice pop

300g chopped pineapple

100ml full fat coconut milk

3tbsp Maple syrup/honey

Toss your pineapple chunks into the blender and pour in your coconut milk. Blend well to fully break down the pineapple chunks.

Add in your maple syrup and blend again, before pouring the mixture into a popsicle mold.

Freeze for 3-4 hours to enjoy on a sunny day!

Banana Chocolate Whip

Chocolate Coated Ice Creams

1 banana

50ml milk

3tbsp cocoa powder

2tbsp honey

2 pinches salt

½tsp vanilla essence

Chop your banana into smaller pieces and pop them into a blender. Add you milk and honey and blend well.

Next, sift in your cocoa powder and pinches of salt before blending again.

Finally, drop in your vanilla essence and blend one more time before pouring into ice popsicle molds.

Freeze for 3-4 hours and enjoy!