Our favourite bedrooms from TV and film!


Unless you read a lot of interior design magazines, a lot of your home design inspirations may come from TV and films. And when you look at the bedrooms some of our favourite characters have lounged around in, you can see that there is certainly nothing wrong with that!

Sabrina The Teenage Witch
Surely, Sabrina was the envy of every young girl of the 90s. Magic powers AND this amazing bedroom? It’s just too much!

If only we lived in a palace where we could have big drapes surrounding our bed and our pet tiger. Princess Jasmine really had it all.

Cher Horowitz had everything we wanted from a bedroom – cool slanted walls and lots and lots of clothes!

10 Things I Hate About You
Probably the most achievable bedroom of the lot – Kat’s room was the perfect angsty teenager bedroom. There is ALWAYS room for one more poster.

Frenchy’s bedroom had the perfect retro look – though it wasn’t retro at the time. AND she had an ensuite. So jealous!

Sex and the City
Carrie's boudoir defies all logic with her walk in wardrobe and king size bed – all paid for by one weekly column? Yeah, ok…Still, we can dream!

Saved by The Bell
Jessie’s bedroom is probably our favourite. Mostly because Zach Morris was always climbing in the window. That girl did not know how good she had it!