Ouch! Fresh Prince’s Aunt Viv LASHES out at Will Smith’s wife

During the week, Jada Pinkett Smith delivered a rather powerful message about no black people being nominated for the Oscars.

Will Smith was overlooked for his role in Concussion, and since the nominations were announced, Jada wants to boycott the awards ceremony. 

In the video, which was posted by TMZ, Jada says, "Maybe it's time we pull back our resources and we put them back into our communities, and we make programmes for ourselves that acknowledge us in ways that we see fit, that are just as good as the so-called mainstream."

She also made it clear that she won't be attending the Oscars this year.

But now, Will's former co-star, Janet Hubert, who was the original Aunt Viv on Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, has ripped into Jada, saying that she is a sore loser. 

"First of all, Miss Thang, does your man not have a mouth of his own with which to speak," Janet said. 

She then goes on to say that there are worse things happening in the world: "People are trying to pay bills and you talking about some motherf***ing actors and Oscars."

You really have to watch the video to believe it.