Other uses for lip balm besides moisturising your lips


Lip balm is for your lips, we all know that, but did you know that it is not the only use for it? In fact, the little tub that you have in your bag has a least five other uses that will make you face palm for never thinking about it before.

Does the job of a nail cream
No nail cream? No problem. Just rub a little lip balm onto your cuticles to moisturise and keep frayed edges down.

Tame your brows
Tame unruly brows by dabbing a little layer of balm over them to keep them in place.

Remove your ring
Put your ring on but now can’t get it off? Rub a little lip balm around the finger and voila!

Stops bleeding form shaving cuts
If your other half nips himself while shaving get them to dab a little balm onto the cut and it should stop the bleeding

Who knew such a small tub could do so much!