Operation Transformation: Leaders praised for shedding 12 stone


The Operation Transformation leaders showed off their incredible new looks after eight weeks of food plans, workouts and pounding pavements to reach their goals.  

Viewers have followed their five individual journeys over the past two months. They experienced all the highs, the lows, struggles and celebrations with each leader since the show kicked off in January.

The five leaders hit the red carpet to reveal their collective 12 stone weight loss and we have to say they all look absolutely fabulous.

Speaking about the finale, Kathryn Thomas said: “Over the last two months, we've followed five extraordinary people on their journey towards better health."

"They’ve welcomed us into their homes and their work spaces. And it’s been our privilege to watch them bravely reveal every aspect of themselves in the hope of transforming not only their own lives but the lives of the many thousands of people who've followed them throughout the series. I couldn’t be prouder of each and every one of them," she added.

Shane lost a total of 2st 13lbs, Lorraine shed 11lbs and Andrea lost 2st 5lbs. Barry lost a phenomenal 3st 7lbs. And Tanya lost a total of 1st 8lbs.

The leaders have been a true inspiration over the past few weeks and proved to the nation that you can lose weight once you put in the effort.