Oooh! So,THIS is the reason we add a splash of tonic to our beloved gin

Much and all as we love gin here at SHEmazing! HQ (and we love it a lot), the idea of necking a straight glass is not for us.

And while we tend to mix it simply because we couldn't handle it in its natural form, something tells us that our ancestors weren't worried about their delicate palates when they created the much-loved G&T.

Unlike the rest of us who tend to add a mixer to our spirit, it turns out the people that went before us actually started with the tonic and then decided to add gin to cope with the taste of the former.

Our favourite mixer contains something known as quinine which was used to combat malaria back in the 1800s, but when a British officer in India decided he couldn't handle a straight tonic, he added a splash of gin, and our favourite tipple was born.

Nowadays, however, you'd need to get through at least 20 litres of gin and tonic for any kind of anti-malarial effect to take place.

And that, ladies, concludes today's History lesson…