Romantic revelations about Kanye and Kourtney


We bet Kanye West is cursing the Internet this morning.

A media outlet has only gone and dug up an old blog post that the rapper wrote, in which he admits to fancying Kourtney Kardashian.


The post, dated from 2009, comes from a section of Kanye’s old blog called ‘Girl of the Week’, and features a rather racy picture of Kourtney wearing nothing but a black bra and trousers, posing on a bed.

While the revelation is sure to cause major embarrassment for the rapper, at least his wife can take some comfort from the fact that she also bagged a spot on his coveted Girl of the Week list!

Yes, Kanye has clearly always held a soft spot for the reality star, and posted a saucy shot of her wearing nothing but a pair of black high heels in his dedication to her.

Describing Kim as “an American stylist, apparel retailer, and television personality”, the Yeezus singer also went on to give details of Kim’s relationship history in his blog entry, mentioning that she was dating Reggie Bush at the time. Yes, that’s how long ago he fancied her!

And just check out this cringe-worthy post in which Kanye expressed his "love" of blogging….duh!

We can’t even begin to imagine the drama that this is going to cause in the Kardashian household. No doubt Kanye will be facing Kim’s wrath!