North Face test their customers with epic adventure prank


Sale season aside, shopping is supposed to be a relaxing, enjoyable way to unwind.

So imagine how horrified you would be if your favourite store suddenly turned into a deadly obstacle course?

Ok, so we might be exaggerating slightly when we say deadly, but we totally feel for these Korean shoppers who fell victim to a hilarious and equally epic prank while browsing in a North Face store.

In a very clever new campaign, the outdoor sportswear brand built a special James Bond-esque changing room, complete with disappearing floor and rock-climbing wall. Then, they put their sporty customers to the ultimate test!

In the brilliant video, the customers don’t know what has hit them when the floor beneath their feet starts to roll away, forcing them to jump onto the wall and climb up for safety.

Next, a snazzy North Face ski jacket is dangled down from the ceiling, and the shocked customers are told that they will have to summon every ounce of bravery within them in order to retrieve it.

Check out what happens in the video.

We have to say, these guys and girls are very good sports – we think we’d just cling to the wall and scream until somebody came to bring us down!