Nine things you’ll know if you were the middle child!


Ah, middle children. We really have it tough. For the first few years (maybe more) of our lives, we were the baby, doted upon by all. And then, boom. Shunted into the middle.

Us middle children have less of a defined place in the family, so we overcompensate by being super-individual in other ways. It’s not all bad! Here are nine things you’ll know to be true if you were born in the middle…

1. You can remember the day it all changed
"A new baby? Excuse me, I’m the only baby around here." Your protests were sadly drowned out by the screaming child that was now your greatest competititon for attention… after your older sibling of course.

2. You were always teased by the others
A middle child is the perfect candidate for endless mocking by the other siblings. Why, why has this fate befallen us?

3. “Conflict resolution” is your middle name
You became an expert in calming down both sides during an argument, if only to get some peace. And you were always, and still are, the go-to person when someone wanted to vent about another sibling.

4. You learnt to do things your own way
Well, if no-one’s going to notice you at home, you’ll sure as hell get noticed elsewhere. Be it a crazy hobby or a great sense of style, whatever you chose, you owned it.

5. That awkward parenting window meant you never knew if you’d be in trouble
Things that might have warranted a total freak-out from your mum and dad for your older brother don’t seem quite so bad by the time you get around to doing them. So it’s all good when you come home with your hair dyed traffic light red. But on the other hand, they let him get away with going to his first house party at fifteen and that MOST DEFINITELY won’t be permitted for you.

6. Your parent’s attention was constantly elsewhere
Hanging around the sitting room while everyone talked over you, before retreating to the sweet silence of your bedroom. Yup, that pretty much summed up a normal evening in your house.

7. You’re naturally extremely objective
Your place in the family means you can see things from all sides – you’re protective of your younger siblings but you also know what it’s like to constantly compete with an older brother or sister. Being so chilled out means you're the wildcard favourite of the family in many ways.

8. Your pop culture knowledge spans decades
You managed to watch all those over-18s films with your older brother long before it was sensible to do so, but you have a pretty broad knowledge of iCarly and Wizards of Waverly Place, too.

9. You wouldn’t give up your position in the family for anything
Sure, it’s impossible to get noticed, but your middle child syndrome has definitely shaped your sense of individuality. You’re the black sheep… in a good way!