Nicki Minaj’s childhood dream didn’t QUITE go to plan!


Everyone has a few childhood home videos lying in the attic that they’d rather never saw the light of day again, but this old clip of Nicki Minaj is all kinds of cute.

Before Nicki was a show-stopping diva with awesome clothes and rainbow-coloured hair, she was just little Onika Maraj from Queens, New York. Far from wanting to be a star, Onika’s dream was to be a nurse, so that she could “help people less fortunate than I am.”

No mention of Drake there so!

Nicki has spoken in the past about her difficult childhood and her wish to help those around her. “I would go in my room and kneel down at the foot of my bed and pray that god would make me rich so that I could take care of my mother,” she told Rolling Stone back in 2010.

Well, at least that wish came true for the star.

Dream big, we say!