New shocking allegations made against Mel B’s husband


It doesn’t sound as if things are going to get any easier for Mel B any time soon if this latest story is anything to go by. Her husband, Stephen Belafonte, is said to have fled to to their home in LA with youngest daughter, Madison. It has also been reported that the couple are planning on divorcing.

Now, a new allegation has come up against the Spice Girl’s husband of seven years that claims her oldest daughter, 15-year-old Phoenix Chi, hates her stepfather. The allegation was made in US court papers by Mel B’s estranged mum, Andrea Brown, who claims that Stephen once frightened Phoenix with a gun. The Sun has reported Andrea’s court documents as reading: “Phoenix told me Steohen had a gun and that he scared her with it.”

To make things even worse, the papers also claim that Stephen told his stepdaughter that he planned to kick her out of home when she turned 16: “Phoenix said that Stephen told her that when she was 16, he was going to throw her out of the house.” However, Phoenix’s grandmother has said she put this down to the difficulty of sharing her mum with someone new: “I was shocked at the this time to hear Phoenix say she hated her stepfather and I dismissed this as result of her having to share mum with him and sister Angel.”

However, Andrea also added that she had never before heard her granddaughter speak about one of Mel’s former boyfriends in that way.

We really do hope this situation gets better before it gets worse – poor Mel, what a sad thing to have to go through so soon after the elation of appearing on The X Factor

The judge has remained tight lipped on the subject, while her mum and sister have attacked Stephen on Twitter while he tried to clear his name.