New contraceptive to protect against STDs and unwanted pregnancies

Scientists have developed a new contraceptive pill for women that will protect against STDs and unwanted pregnancies. The device can last up to three months and delivers contraceptive medication and drugs that protect against HIV and herpes.

The device which has been described as a “significant advance” in drug delivery was developed by Patrick Kiser from America’s Northwestern University.

The report, published in the online journal Public Library of Science ONE, explains how Kiser’s team developed the tool so that it could deliver fixed doses of tenofovir, a antiretroviral medication, and contraceptive levonorgestrel for 90 days.

Kiser said: “I suspect women will use the ring primarily for contraception, but they also will benefit from protection against sexually transmitted diseases.”

He added: “And for women in the developing world in particular, unwanted pregnancy can have significant health, economic and cultural consequences. We want to motivate women to use this ring.”

The device is currently being manufactured and has yet to be tested on women.