First look: Stacey Solomon’s first novel sounds like an organisational treat

If you follow Loose Women presenter Stacey Solomon on social media, then it should come as no surprise that Stacey loves a good ‘tap to tidy’ before and after photo.

However, that’s now all she’s famed for. Oh no, Stacey has been mesmerising her nearly four million followers by sharing endless organisation hacks, crafting tutorials and delicious recipes all on her Instagram page. So much so that she had no other choice but to turn them into a book.

Taking to Instagram, last week the mum-of-three finally shared a first look of what her finished book will look like. “Tap to Tidy. Honestly I’ve Never been so nervous. Thanks to your kindness, support, love and encouragement, I was given the chance to write a book and I said yes,” she gushed.

“And today this came through the door and my stomach has been doing summersaults ever since. I can hand on my heart say I’ve thought so much for so long about every word, drawing, diagram, craft, snack, tap to tidy and playlist in it, from cover to cover. It’s taken over my life for the last year.”

What will the book really entail though? Stacey explains, “If you’re reading this, then we have something in common… Whether it’s a love of getting crafty, meticulously organising or making fun-shaped snacks!”

“I find it hard to sit still, but losing myself in a craft project or tidying a drawer is my form of meditation. It’s a chance for me to forget about the things going on in the world around me for a minute.”

“I hope this book helps you to lose yourself for a moment too – and that you enjoy reading it and even, maybe, having a go at some of the bits inside,” the amazon description reads.

Tap to Tidy by Stacey Solomon is being published by Penguin Random House and is available to buy on March 4.