Much-loved star subjected to vile online abuse


Most celebs are used to dealing with snide remarks or constant criticism online, but many draw the line at their family members and loved one’s being targeted and it seems well-known comedian John Bishop is no different.

The much-loved British star announced yesterday that he’s quitting Twitter after his family was subjected to abuse on the popular social media site, saying: “I am taking some time off Twitter. I can take anything, but when scumbags have a forum to abuse people I love I think it’s time to move away.”

The abuse escalated after the star, who has raised thousands of pounds for charity, posted a photo of himself visiting Celtic Football Club.

Faced with hateful comments and criticism, it seems the comedian snapped and responded to one Twitter user, saying: “You are a s**thouse w****** who deserves no attention so you won't get any and you can rot in your own bile. You sad loser."

The comedian, who has almost three million followers, will be sorely missed by genuine fans, but many have tweeted their support of his decision, saying: "Don’t let the hateful individuals get you down fella, rise above it.”

John made Twitter a funnier place, so we hope he decides to come back soon!