Movie love interests that we wish existed in real life!

We understand that life can't be just like the movies but sometimes, for the sake of our love lives, we wish it was.

Here are a few of our favourite romantic film leads that we like to daydream about meeting IRL one day… a girl can live in hope!

1. Ryan Gosling as Noah in The Notebook
That smile! Those arms! Not to mention that he genuinely seems like a nice guy. We do agree that him and Allie made a great couple but maybe he wouldn't have waited around for her for so long if he'd had the chance to meet us first?!

2. Colin Firth as Mr Darcy in Pride and Prejudice
Okay, this is more of a mini-series but that just meant we got more time with Colin. Who can forget that lake scene? He's had loads of other roles since this 1995 production but we still dream of becoming the next Mrs. Darcy…

3. Patrick Swayze as Johnny in Dirty Dancing
The classic bad boy with the soft heart, i.e. the kind of man that doesn't exist in real life. Still, we can dream. There's something about Patrick Swayze in this film that just gets us all hot under the collar!

4. Eric Bana as Henry in The Time Traveller's Wife
Rachel McAdams always gets the gorgeous co-stars. Eric Bana was just pure perfection from head to toe in this film. We could put up with the odd time-travel related disappearance in exchange for that body!

5. Paul Rudd as Josh in Clueless
We know this choice comes a little out of left field, but this was Paul Rudd's breakout role and we've loved him ever since. Such a cutie! He was no match for Cher in fairness… we can see why they didn't last the distance in the TV show!