Bye Kendall… Cara Delevingne ditches her pal for big sis Kim!


With so many egos living there at once, we reckon the Kardashian-Jenner household must be a hotbed of sibling rivalry!

Fans of the family's reality show will know that Kim is struggling to deal with her little sister Kendall's skyrocketing success on the catwalks, but this latest photoshoot shows that the 34-year-old can still give as good as she gets.

LOVE magazine today published the cover image for their February issue, featuring Kim alongside none other than Cara Delevingne.

Given that Cara and Kendall's blossoming friendship has been one of the most well-documented celeb relationships over the last year, we can't imagine Kendall is too happy about Kim stepping in on her turf!

An insider revealed over the weekend that Kim is constantly trying to one-up Kendall's achievements, and this latest project seems to be no different. "Kendall will bring up things that she’s doing, working on or projects that she’s been offered and Kim will play nice and be happy for her, but will immediately find a way to make the conversation about her," a source told Hollywood Life. "She’ll say things like, ‘Oh, that’s nice Kendall. I remember when I did that.’”


The LOVE cover solves the mystery of that polaroid Kim posted of herself and Cara a few months back – so they weren't just hanging out at the pool together! And as well as working on the magazine's cover shoot, Kim was also interviewed by Cara herself for a feature inside.

To really add salt to the wound, Kim's photoshoot comes just a couple of months after Kendall was featured as the cover star for LOVE's December issue. It seems these two are determined to outdo one another.