More than 7,000 people submitted ideas for the new Dublin Bus


We obviously have a lot of opinions!

Around 7,000 people have submitted ideas for the redesign of the Dublin Bus network.

The ideas forum went live last month, on June 6, when the NTA published the Dublin Area Bus Network Redesign Choices Report.


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The NTA say it's the biggest response that they have ever seen.

NTA chief executive, Anne Graham, said: "We launched this consultation process a month ago, and with 7,000 respondents, the reaction has been very positive.

"A lot of the work we do involves consulting with the public, but we took a different approach this time around and decided to put an online survey at the centre of the process."


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"This made it far easier for people to respond to, and I think that has made the world of a difference in terms of the number of members of the travelling public who actually participated in the consultation."

The ideas forum closes on Friday, so there's still time to take the survey here.