Tests planned for Tuam Mother and Baby Home site this month

The Department of Children and Youth Affairs have released their first report regarding the Tuam Mother and Baby home. 

Four months ago, the remains of numerous infants were found at the site. 

In the report, Minister Katherine Zappone invited former residents and their friends and families to engage in the consultation process regarding the home. 

The report showed that the number of consulting participants showed a 'high level of interest in engaging with this process.'

Arrangements for further events are being considered so that others will also have an opportunity to have their say, and may be held countrywide.

The report also noted that the examination of the remains is ongoing, and that there are difficulties identifying the exact number of remains found. 

It found that the remains were 'intermingled,' making individual identification tricky. 

Examination will continue from July 17.

'These non-invasive surveys, which do not involve any excavations or disturbance of the ground, may assist to identify any further burials or anomalies on the areas in the ownership of Galway County Council,' reads the report. 

Feature image: Niall Carson.