Molly-Mae Hague’s GAS reaction to Tommy Fury’s ‘huge’ manhood

Whatever you watch Love Island for, the memes are absolutely out of this world. Of course, the absurd drama, the narration and attractive people you want to stare at also make it worth watching.

Twitter lost it's sanity last night after Molly-Mae took a peek under the duvet at Tommy Fury's manhood and said; "It's f**cking huge." Yes, you read those words correctly.

The influencer made a NSFW confession about her couple partner last night, and Tommy was clearly chuffed with himself.

The show ended on a racy cliffhanger after Molly-Mae boasted about the junk in his trunk, and her face said a thousand words.

The pair were snuggled up in bed as the lights went down, and the social media model took it upon herself to get a little bit handsy. Her facial expression was absolutely gas though.

Fans of the show quickly turned to Twitter for comedic relief, many exclaiming that their "innocent Catholic ears" can't handle the heat.

The "It's f**king huge" jokes were positively FLYIN'. 

Many wondered how her parents would feel, watching from the comfort of their couch at home… 

Some are betting that Molly-Mae and Tommy will "do bits" before the show ends, meaning XXXXX-rated sexy time content. We're n'able.

Viewers couldn't cope with Molly-Mae's gasp;

BRB, we need to catch some sweet sweet Catholic mass before our soul goes straight to hell.

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2, we'll most likely get an update from Molly-Mae on Tommy's jewels whether we want it or not…

Feature image: ITV2