Model vents about “arrogant” reality star on social media

We wouldn't like to get on the wrong side of Katie Price, that's for sure.

The former glamour model caused a bit of a stir last month when she posted a cryptic tweet during an episode of Strictly Come Dancing about a mystery man on the show who had tried and failed to date her. Although she has yet to name the contestant, she now claims she has "a vault of evidence" about the man who pursued her.

The tweet, which was shared late last month, said, "Watching @bbcstrictly funny how he became arrogant v quick & can't say hi yet 2 years ago were wanting 2 me me in a hotel & his house mmm." 

Correcting her wording, she added: "Meet me #fake."

The male contestants left in the show at the time were Blue's Simon Webbe, Michelle Keegan's boyfriend Mark Wright, Eastenders star Jake Wood and naturalist Steve Backshall.

Mark's rep was quick to note that he and Katie had never met before this year and that he had certainly never invited her to a hotel, with a source close to Jake saying the same. As for Simon, Katie really seemed to be rooting for him in the show, even asking viewers to vote.

So that leaves us with… Steve.


Katie still refuses to name her mystery suitor but she claims whoever he is, he's stupid to think he can lie about her. "I still don't want to name him. But what I will say to anyone who denies something that's true, never deny it where I'm concerned. I'm honest," she told Now! magazine. "I always tell the truth and I always keep proof and backups of everything. I have a vault of evidence to prove it, if I have to."

We sense we haven't heard the end of this one!