Milano kicked off the Oscars buzz with these EPIC pizza portraits!

The 87th Academy Awards take place this Sunday night, and if you're already planning the menu for your Oscars party then we definitely have some inspiration for you!

Milano teamed up with artist Prudence Staite to create epic pizza portraits of iconic Oscars moments – from Ellen's internet-breaking selfie last year to Jennifer Lawrence's first ever on-stage fall.

It's a tribute to Bradley Cooper's good looks that he still seems equally handsome when made out of ham and olives:

Ah, poor Jen…

It's ALMOST as good as the GIF:

Dedicated Oscars fans will remember Gwyneth Paltrow bursting into tears as she accepted the Oscar for Best Actress back in 1999 – well, here it is in pizza form!

While these pizza tributes are sadly all one-offs, you can get your usual pizza fix (without a tearful Gwyneth on top) at one of 14 Milano restaurants nationwide!