Mila Kunis denies reports that she stole a chicken


After Kristina Karo threatened to sue Mila Kunis over the apparent theft of a chicken, Mila and Ashton Kutcher have denied the reports.


"Let's just get this clear. You stole a chicken from a one-month-old child who spoke to you in an entire conversation? It's just shocking to me," Ashton said on Meerkat via TMZ.

Apparently, at the time, Kristina, who is claiming to be an old childhood friend, would have only been one month old and speaking to Mila in Ukraine. Mila moved from Ukraine to Los Angeles in 1991. 

Ashton continued: "Speaking in English in one month? This is the smartest girl I've ever heard of."

Kristina has plans to release a music video in the future and Ashton is aware of this: "So this girl has a music video coming out at the same time she's suing you for $5,000 for the stolen chicken when she was one month old and you were seven?" 

Hmmm, we suppose it is a tiny bit suspicious.

"I was like, which chicken did I steal? I was obviously in the village when I stole these chickens so I apologised to this woman who may or may not have been a month old," Mila joked.

The couple went on to joke about the whole situation and Mila explains that she hasn't received any official papers yet.

"I would like to launch a counter $5,000 lawsuit for making me watch that music video. My body hurts. My eyes hurt. They're burning," Mila joked.

She concluded her point by saying: "I feel like I will be a chicken fighter for a very long time. I would never steal somebody else's chicken."

While Ashton added: "I believe this woman. I know her very well, I believe she's an ethical person that wouldn't steal chicken. You heard it right from the chicken's mouth."