Meeting his parents for the first time


Why it's scary.
Oh, let us count the ways! The possibility of saying something stupid, the dread of being asked a weird question, the horror of thinking they won't like you, the unadulterated spinach-in-teeth fear. The list is quite simply endless.

Why it doesn't HAVE to be scary.
Your boyfriend is obviously mad about you if he wants to introduce you to the family. Think about it, why do you want to introduce him to yours? To show him off, to boast about the great catch you've snagged and to prove how lovely, charming, kind and good-looking he is. Yeah, that's his reasoning too!

What to wear.
It's not the middle ages, so no one expects you to dress like a nun to reassure your potential mother-in-law you're not out to corrupt her beloved son. Wear an outfit that you're completely comfortable in, but that shows off your personality. How weird would it be if you showed up in a really demure dress when your style is much more edgy in reality? You'll be uncomfortable, your boyfriend will be baffled and his parents will be wondering where the quirky, eye-liner obsessed girl he's been banging on about for months is.

What to do.
First of all, relax! His parents have probably been given a full run-down on the do's and dont's for the evening by your boyfriend so they're probably terrified they're going to embarrass themselves as well! This is just a chance to get to know each other so make the most of it. Listen, ask questions and refer to family stories which your boyfriend shared in the past- this last one will definitely mean a lot to both your boyfriend and his mum and dad.

How to end it.
Whether you enjoyed it or sat there sweating bullets for an hour, make sure to leave on a high note. Tell them that it was lovely to finally meet them, say you hope to see them again soon and then congratulate yourself on getting through what is definitely one of the more stressful parts of a new relationship! You did good girl, now relax!