Meet Dr Sheeran! Ed graduates from college with flying colours


Looking for a doctor? Ed Sheeran could be just the man.

For most people, graduating from college takes a little more effort than just putting on a cap and gown, but it seems in Ed's case it really was that easy.

The singer appeared at the University Campus Suffolk yesterday to receive an honourary doctorate – and he looked every bit the proud graduate in his red, blue and yellow ensemble.


A photo posted by @teddysphotos on

"I graduated today, I am now officially Dr. Sheeran," the X hitmaker wrote on Instagram last night,

Despite having left school aged 16, Ed was awarded the degree by the university in his hometown as recognition of his "outstanding contribution" to music.

"I wasn't joking, I am actually a doctor now, that's how mad this world is," Ed added on Twitter.

He may not be a real doctor, but his songs have probably helped mend quite a few broken hearts… and that's good enough for the people of Suffolk.

It's been an exciting week for the singer, who may have also landed himself a role in the upcoming Bridget Jones' Baby after granting the cast and crew access to one of his recent concerts.

"Ed was really keen to be part of the movie after granting access to film at his gig," a source told The Sun.

Wonder if they'll call him Dr Ed in the credits?