Mater Hospital staff applaud the public for staying at home


We owe so much to the frontline staff who are currently tackling the Covid-19 pandemic in Ireland. They’re putting their own health at risk to take care of the sick and vulnerable. Their courage and strength is beyond admirable. Everyone from hospital cleaning staff, nurses, supermarket workers, Gardaí, carers and doctors deserve our love and appreciation. And the best way to show it is by simply staying at home.

The Government has asked us to stay at home to combat the risk of spreading the coronavirus. Our hospitals are already under so much pressure as they battle the outbreak in Ireland and going outside, especially over the bank holiday weekend will only strengthen the severity of it.

To show their appreciation, the staff at the Mater Hospital in Dublin applauded the people who have followed the restrictions so far.

The staff gathered outside the hospital to clap for two minutes this morning and the photos are a stark reminder of why we’re doing this. We need to help our healthcare staff in every way possible and the main way to do that is by staying inside.

Staying home saves lives, so please don’t break the restrictions by going out this weekend. We need to continue what we are doing and respect our frontline staff. 

Remember that they’re sacrificing so much more than a couple hours of sun over the long weekend.