Morning make-up secrets you need to know


How is it that celebrities manage to look amazing as soon as they wake up? Well, most of them have actually got up earlier, had a quick dab of some concealer or powder and then got back into bed for their morning selfie.

Read on to find out how you can look like you just woke up like this too:

Make sure you keep your skin hydrated so moisturiser in the morning and evening. A tinted moisturiser is great for keeping you natural looking but still giving you some coverage.

Concealer is a must-have beauty item as it is almost impossible to create a flawless finish without it. It is perfect for hiding dark circles, especially after a late night.

Lip gloss
Lip gloss is important to give you that irresistible pout and clear gloss will give you a ‘I just licked mu lips’ kind of look.

Blusher will help make your skin look bright and fresh. Sweep a little across your face with or without foundation to make you look like you just woke up like this.