Maeve Madden shares her ‘secrets for success’ with Cellnutrition

Cellnutrition, the Galway-based mineral supplement specialists have teamed up with top Irish health and fitness blogger, Maeve Madden in their effort to rid the world of mineral depletion.

Quinton is a 100 per cent natural mineral supplement containing 78 minerals and trace elements. The product comes in two forms, Hypertonic and Isotonic.

Quinton Hypertonic work to fortify and energise your cells, making it the perfect go-to supplement for those mornings when you need that extra little kick.

The Isotonic form works to gently replenish the minerals and elements missing from your body while also aiding a good night’s sleep.


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Quinton brand ambassador, Maeve Madden has made it her mission to spread word about the how she is beating the bloat herself and to help others do the same.

With a social media following of over 115,000, the former dancer turned lifestyle blogger has built a a loyal community of followers with whom she shares her secrets for becoming the best version of yourself.

“I am so excited to be working with Cellnutrition, since adding their products into my daily lifestyle, not only have I noticed a huge difference in how less frequently I have been bloating but even my followers on Snapchat and Instagram have seen a difference in a whole host of ailments that had otherwise stumped them as to how to treat them,” she said.

Maeve has always had a passion for fitness, health and beauty. The former dancer began her professional career at the tender age of 17.

She travelled around the world, performing and filming with Irish dancing super star, Michael Flatley, before her career came to an abrupt halt following an unforeseen injury.

Devastated by this turn of events, Maeve began to rapidly lose motivation and confidence, but with a little encouragement from her parents, she decided to move to London where she studied at the University of Westminster.

It was during this time that she became interested in a career in beauty, health and fitness.

‘’I felt motivated again, determined, because I found passion in doing what I loved to do and my biggest goal was becoming the best version of myself.’’

Since then, Maeve has had a successful modelling career, securing campaigns and working for high end brands, including Adidas, Treseme, Lacoste and Vichy.

She is also extremely respected in the fitness, lifestyle and beauty sectors, making her the perfect brand ambassador for Cellnutrition’s Quinton supplement.

 ‘’I want to share my secrets for success to becoming the best version of you.  Listening, learning and believing with passion it is just the beginning.’’