Made In Chelsea stars engage in a bitter Twitter war


Louise Thompson has been engaged in a somewhat bitter online war with her castmate, Stevie Johnson.

The trouble began after Stevie took Louise’s little brother’s ex-girlfriend on a date.

Stevie, who is always a gentleman, first asked Sam Thompson’s permission to take his ex, Riley on a date.

And they went for a cup of tea – bless his heart!

Louise, who saw this action in last night’s episode, was furious for her little brother and wrote on her Twitter account: “Basic rules of friendship: don’t date your friends ex.”

In a further tweet that has now been deleted, Stevie wrote back, saying: “I appreciate you having Sam’s back, I’d be the same with family. But they were together for 3 WEEKS and he told me to go for it.”

Not backing down, Louise fired back: “They were f****** for a bit longer than that. I guess she got embarrassed when Sam sacked her off, just like you do too.”

Er, it’s not as if she takes her own advice – wasn’t she with Spencer’s best friend Jamie?

Poor Stevie!