Lynsey Bennett says tumour ‘isn’t playing ball’ in latest health update

Cervical cancer campaigner and mum-of-two Lynsey Bennett has shared a harrowing health update, revealing that her bowel tumour ‘isn’t playing ball’, and has grown even more in a matter of weeks.

Lynsey was one of the women affected by the CervicalCheck scandal in Ireland, and has been battling her cancer diagnosis for several years.

Taking to Instagram on Thursday evening, Lynsey explained that while no new tumours were found, her bowel tumour has grown significantly.

“I took this [photo] yesterday morning when getting my picc cleaned and flushed, thought if you cover my arm you wouldn’t think I was a patient in an oncology [unit],” Lynsey explained alongside a photo of herself from her hospital bed.


Continuing, she wrote, “I was quickly brought back to reality, my tumours haven’t started anywhere new which is amazing but my bowel one isn’t playing ball and in a matter of weeks has grown again.”

“To add to [the] mix I have had a bleed this evening too,” Lynsey added. Expressing her desperation to travel to Germany for further treatments, Lynsey said, “Germany has never felt so vital… I want to try more things to live."

On a more positive note, Lynsey explained that after 10 months, she got her PICC line taken out yesterday, which meant that she can “officially stand under my rain shower head properly for the first time and enjoy it.”


“The 3 attempts to get vein to get line in for giving the radioactive and glucose solution for PET scan the day before should of scared the hell out of me, but I’ve grown so much around my fear and trauma.”

“Anyone who has encountered myself and needles in the past wouldn’t of believed their eyes Tuesday. It was still incredibly tough but I didn’t cry or threaten to walk out. I just tried to joke about needing so many of the ‘boyfriend’ warm water filled gloves you see in the pictures being used to get my veins to come out.”

Staying optimistic, Lynsey wrote, “Germany fingers crossed is coming soon, but happening a week later than what I hoped but I’ll grab with both hands. I have one more meeting Monday for it then hopefully I can get booking a boat.”