Lukas Graham confirms amazing news during exclusive interview


If international acclaim and a top five single weren't enough to celebrate this year, the lead single of Danish group, Lukas Graham, has announced that life is about to get even better!

Speaking to People magazine in recent days, the 7 Years singer revealed that he and his girlfriend Marie-Louise Schwartz Petersen are expecting their first child.

Clearly buzzing over the wonderful news, Lukas, who recently performed at the Billboard Awards, told the magazine: "In September, a little golden nugget will be welcomed into the world."

"Seeing my child born is so much more important than anything else I’ve got going on," he said in light of his numerous other achievements this year.

The Danish musician went on to explain that his girlfriend's pregnancy takes priority over everything else right now, revealing that he intends to take a two-month break from touring following the arrival of his child in Autumn.

We're super happy for him!