Love Island’s Eyal gives his opinion on Megan’s pre-surgery pictures

Love Island's Megan has caused a major stir in the villa, but unbeknownst to her, she has also been a topic of discussion outside the villa too. 

Megan was hailed for her stunning beauty in the house, and it wasn't long before pictures surfaced of Megan which appear to be pre-aesthetic cosmetic work.  

Megan admittedly looks quite different in her before pictures, but is clearly a lovely looking girl in both stages of her life. However, many members of the public are using the fact that Megan has had surgery to shame her. 

Megan's first fling in the villa, Eyal Booker, has spoken out against the shaming and given his thoughts on the before pictures. 

Speaking to Heatworld, Eyal confirmed that he has seen the pictures, saying: 

'There is definitely a before and after.'

'But if you feel insecure within your body then you're entitled to make the changes that you want to make in order to feel better.'

'Fair play if she feels better in her skin now.' 

We have to agree Eyal, everyone is entitled to empathy regardless of aesthetic choices.