Love Island’s Callum Jones hits back against cheating allegations

Callum Jones has denied allegations that he cheated on his former partner Jess Gale.

The former flames became romantically linked earlier this year, when they coupled up together on Love Island: All Stars. Callum and Jess went on to finish the series in second place.

Unfortunately, just one month after leaving the villa, it was reported that the pair had ended their romance in March.


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However, Jess recently implied that Callum had cheated on her, noting in an interview with MailOnline that she had discovered something about him that “shocked” her and led to their breakup.

Now, Callum has taken the opportunity to deny that he cheated on Jess.

In an interview with OK!, the 28-year-old revealed that he was never “exclusive” with Jess and that “a lot of context is missing”.


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“After we left the villa, we saw each other a couple of times and it was a casual thing, but we were never exclusive and we were never boyfriend and girlfriend. I was always single and she was always single and we actually had a conversation about where we were at,” he explained.

“The words were, ‘I’m single, you’re single. If you don’t want to speak to me, you don’t have to. Let’s just take a step back.’ Now, I’ve seen articles saying I’ve cheated on Jess, but I would never disrespect her in that way,” Callum continued.

The reality star then went on to describe Jess’ comments as “deceitful”, adding: “It’s annoying because I have always been single since I left the villa and Jess knows that, so for her to come out on podcasts and interviews and say these things without actually giving people context is just a bit wild.”

“She actually reached out to me and apologised for the interview that she did and she said that she didn’t mean to say the things about cheating and that it had come out in the wrong way, but at the end of the day, it was said,” he noted, concluding: “I’m over it now.”