Looking sexy can be this easy


Feeling sexy is not that hard and you can incorporate it into your everyday life, no problem.

Take note girls:

Lipstick does a world of good so never leave your home without a bit of lippy. Red is the colour of love and will make you look polished even if your outfit leaves little to be desired.

The key to looking sexy is the lighting. Avoid bright lights and instead opt for dim lights with subtle colours on your walls.

Camera angles
You can’t go far these days without someone poking a camera at you so make sure you figure out your good side and your not so good side and go with it. Everyone else does it.

The art of seduction can be tricky to master. However, if you indulge in things that make you feel good about yourself, you will make your seduction look effortless.

Now that you feel sexy it’s time to get your flirt on!