Long-running celebrity feud takes another catty twist


We love Lady Gaga and Madonna individually for what they have done for pop music, but it seems that the two stars just cannot seem to get along.

The latest round of their cat fight was launched by Gaga, who has slammed Madonna for not reaching out to younger artists.

The 28-year-old Artpop singer made the dig during a recent interview, in which she was asked who her biggest musical influences were.

The quirky star responded by naming legends David Bowie, Queen, Freddie Mercury and Michael Jackson among her idols, adding: “I would like to say Madonna, but let me tell you something – if I was an established artist, I would love to help younger artists.”

When the interviewer (rather hilariously) asked Gaga whether she meant that “Madonna has no soul”, the singer coyly responded: “You said it, not me!”

Catty much?

This is just the latest twist in the two singers’ long-running feud.

Earlier this year it appeared that Madonna sent Gaga a not-so-subtle message in her track Heartbreak City. Given how similarities have frequently been drawn between Born This Way and Express Yourself, many believed that when Madonna sings, “You’re a copycat, where is my royalty?” she is directing it at Gaga.

What will she have to say this time around, we wonder?