Like to drop a dress size or get stronger? New VOLO is fast, effective & sustainable.

Greystones in County Wicklow, the home of the Happy Pear and avid sea-swimmers, now has a new health and fitness vibe enthusing the locals!

VOLO is an innovative hi-tech solution to body and health transformation that is newly available at Go Gym on the Charlesland Road in Greystones.

Twenty minutes personal training a week, electrically enhanced EMS workouts (electro muscle stimulation) and cutting-edge 3D body composition scans are combined with nutrition and motivation coaching to deliver personal body goals, the VOLO founder, Roseanna Gorman, says.

“Whether it is dropping a dress size, toning a baby belly, or getting a strong, athletic body, the VOLO approach is fast, effective and sustainable”, the personal trainer maintains.

VOLO is largely based on having the right knowledge about body composition, thanks to infrared body scans.

Traditional scales don’t tell the whole truth, the experts say, but non-invasive scanning shows the exact distribution of muscle and fat, and any potential health risks. It also determines the work required to sculp the body.

“Our one-to-one personal programmes replace quick fixes, guesswork and yo-yo dieting with simple, effective routines to deliver long-term sustainable results”, Roseanna Gorman says.

Roseanna Gorman

Free 3D body scans and trial sessions of an EMS electro muscle workout are now being provided at VOLO in Greystones for those planning their New Year’s health regime.

VOLO body scans are highly motivational, the personal trainer says, illustrating exact progress and evidence-based steps to achieve the desired body shape.

A nutritional therapist and level 4 personal trainer, Roseanna Gorman has 20 years’ experience in the health and fitness industry. She completed the International Menopause Society’s IMPART training, to better understand the effects of menopause on women’s confidence, energy levels and weight management.

A flagship programme at VOLO is for women experiencing perimenopause and menopause, and is designed to restore energy levels, clear brain fog and combat menopause weight gain.

The body scan taking place.


What the results look like: 

Roseanna offers both online and face-to-face nutrition and menopause consultations to facilitate clients, as well as trial sessions, which can be booked at

The VOLO studio has programmes tailored for athletes, men, women and those working on injury rehabilitation.

There is a lot of interest in the 40-plus age group, where commitment to hours in a busy gym, sweaty workouts or complex low-calorie recipes has diminished, according to the VOLO founder.

“Private one-to-one training to lose weight and build muscle, without a massive time-commitment, suits busy parents and professionals”, Gorman says of her new fitness regime.

VOLO membership plans are available, as well as individual packages of personal training, EMS workout sessions and body scanning, tailored to achieve personal goals.

Information and bookings are on and Roseanna Gorman is available on 087 608 7186 for enquiries.