Life hacks to keep you feeling healthy and happy!

A total life overhaul isn’t always needed to boost your mental and physical health. Little tweaks to how you go about your daily business can have a more significant effect that you might think.

Try our life hacks to help you along the way!

1. Drink a glass of warm water and lemon every morning
This is a much easier, cheaper and healthier alternative to tea or coffee that will still leave you feeling energised and ready to face the day. Not only that but lemons contain potassium and Vitamin C which are essential immune boosters.

2. Work out in the morning if you can
A morning workout is easier to fit around your day and you’ll have your evenings free. Also, with the endorphin kick and increased metabolic rate that comes with exercise, you’ll be raring to go all day!

3. Eat an orange before you exercise
Oranges are a healthy but quick energy source that’ll keep you buzzing during your workout. You’ll stay hydrated – and the potassium will help with muscle soreness afterwards.

4. Eat the healthiest food on your plate first
Those potato wedges might be staring you in the face but by eating the healthier elements on your plate first, you’re less likely to overeat what’s left on your plate.

5. Eat from smaller plates
It might be a visual thing, but you’ll notice it affects your eating habits. You’re far less likely to pile on a second helping when your plate is already full.

6. Take a cold shower every once in a while
Not only does a cold shower wake you up, it closes pores and boosts circulation. Just make sure that you have a lovely fluffy towel to warm up with afterwards!

7. Turn up the music!
Louder music has been proven to increase feelings of relaxation and happiness more than music played at a lower volume. So throw on some Taylor Swift and have a bop around!