Leona’s comeback didn’t go as she hoped


We are sure this is not what Leona Lewis was expecting when she released her new comeback track last week. 

The former X Factor winner's new single hasn't captured anyone's attention following the end of her contact with Syco. 

Leona's whole comeback looks like it could possibly be a flop now after her single failed to break the UK top 40. 

Fire Under My Feet was released by the singer last week but it only made it to number 51 in the singles chart – 48 places lower than her 2013 hit One More Sleep.

Last year saw Leona leave Simon Cowell's Syco label as she wanted to make an "honest" album. Well it looks like this gamble really didn't pay off as she will have a lot to do to reach the popularity she once had. 

Her album Glassheart was released three years ago and true fans are eagerly awaiting her upcoming album.

​Doing much better than Leona in the charts were Rixton and Selena Gomez. Rixton hit the 21st spot wth We All Want The Same Thing, while Selena reached number 14 with I Want You To Know.

Speaking last week, Leona insisted it was about getting her music out there rather than "the chart position". Asked if she was focused on chart success with the new track, she said: "I'm not really. It’s about being able to share something with my fans.”

Meanwhile, she recently hinted at her split from Simon's label as she praised new home Island Records.

She said: "Thank you for allowing me to make an honest and genuine album and show the real me."