Leigh-Anne Pinnock admits husband Andre Gray ‘broke my heart’

Leigh-Anne Pinnock has admitted that she had to learn to forgive her husband Andre Gray, after he “broke her heart”.

The Little Mix singer tied the knot with footballer Andre in June of last year. The couple also welcomed twin daughters together in August 2021.

In a recent TikTok interview with Dose of Society, the 32-year-old star was asked what she learned from her last heartbreak.

“I learnt the power of forgiveness. I’m still with the person that broke my heart and he went out of his way to change for me,” Leigh-Anne confessed, before going on to detail how she chose to forgive the 33-year-old.

“I think if you can actually get to the other side and make it through it, it makes it all worthwhile. Some people might say, ‘Why are you still with them? Why are you giving them another chance?’. I guess that can be seen as a weakness. Like, not putting yourself first. But, I think only you know what’s truly right for you,” she noted.

“If they go out of their way to change themselves, I really do think that that kind of tells you everything that you need to know. For me personally, I had to go through these struggles and things in our relationship to get to the point where we are now, which is a really beautiful place,” she praised.

The Shout Out To My Ex hitmaker was then asked to give advice to people “who are really struggling to forgive.”

“It is okay to give somebody another chance, but it isn’t okay to let someone take the piss out of you,” Leigh-Anne stated. 

“Make sure you have those barriers up to protect yourself, to know when enough is enough. It takes being hurt to build that armor up to be like, ‘I’m not going through that again, I’m not doing this again.’ But yeah, don’t see forgiveness as a weak thing to do. It can be a really powerful, healing thing,” the mum-of-two concluded.