Legal nightmare for Rihanna as she is accused of stealing her new song

She made waves with the release of her new track, B*tch Better Have My Money, last week, but it looks as though not every reaction to Rihanna's new song has been positive.

Indeed, the star is facing a bit of a legal nightmare after being accused of plagiarising the song.

The plagiarism claim comes from Texas-based rapper Just Brittany, who says that the song bears an all-too similar resemblance to her own track, Betta Have My Money, which was released on SoundCloud nine months ago.

While Just Brittany’s song may not have garnered much attention upon release, it has become quite the talking point on social media as fans draw comparison between both tracks.

One Twitter user shared a link to Just Brittany’s song, writing: “OMG Rihanna copied Houston Rapper Just Brittany…I just lost respect for Riri.”

Meanwhile, others have said that the claims are a bit of a stretch, with one person tweeting: “Sorry y’all but the Just Brittany song does not sound like Rihanna. People nowadays. The lyrics aren’t even close, not the beat.”

What do you think? Take a listen to both tracks below, and let us know.