Laura Whitmore has the PERFECT message for ‘creepy’ pap at her gaff

Being a successful TV presenter obviously has its perks – you get to meet incredible people, travel to exclusive locations and wear the nicest gear.  But as Laura Whitmore just pointed out, fame also has some major disadvantages.

It’s only been a day since the Bray native announced that she will be taking part in the upcoming series of Strictly Come Dancing and already the paparazzi are creeping on her gaff.

And while many people would board up their windows in a bid to protect their privacy, Laura has decided to call out the “creepy photographer” in question for his actions.



In her latest tweet the 31-year-old star shared a picture of the photographer who is trying to snap a photo of her from a Mini parked outside her house.

In the accompanying message the London-based presenter said: “Creepy photographer outside my house…I see you.  Thanks for making me feel intimidated in my own home.”

Laura’s followers have been quick to support her statement as one tweeted “Disgusting!  Your home is where you are supposed to feel safe,” while another adopted a more light-hearted approach by writing: “@thewhitmore do a few dance steps for him.”